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“We feel Joanne handed everything perfect and very kind. Joanne was very helpful and kind she really appreciated everything she has done for us. We would definitely tell our family and friends if they need the best call Joanne McAvey.”– Frederick B.

“Very knowledgeable in her field at least from estate planning for which was my case.”– Linda B.

“Very comfortable using this attorney. Helped me with another family matter about 10 years ago. Would use her again and highly recommend this attorney.”– Michael H.

“Notably professional, compassionate and responsive are all ways I would (and have) described the legal services Joanne has provided for my Aunt and I. Of the 5 lawyers I have hired and worked with this year Joanne stood out as the only one who was pleasant to deal with, truly cared about her work and would respond clearly to my questions within a reasonable amount of time. I will continue to work with her for all of my legal needs in Long Island moving forward, as will my Aunt. Thanks Joanne!”– Zach W.

“It was a pleasant experience from beginning to end and she addressed all of my families questions and concerns.”– A Satisfied Client

“I highly recommend Joanne McAvey if you require the services of an attorney that specializes in Estate Planning. Our experience with her was exemplary. She was able to clarify complex areas of Estate Planning law, and provide options and recommendations on the best plan for us. She is proficient, has great knowledge of the law, and has compassion for her clients. Definitely an expert in her field!”– Carol P.

“Joanne treated my parents as if they were her own family. They could ask her anything and even though they were elderly and confused, she sat there patiently with them until they would understand the concepts. She took care of planning their estate, helped in the sale of their house, and their medicaid planning. She set up a trust for my disabled brother. I would never go to anyone else for advice. She always comes through with a solution and if she can’t solve something, she’ll refer me to someone who can. I consider her part of the family and trust her with all my family matters. She treated us like we were the most important people in the world. She returned our calls promptly and spoke to us for as long as she had to and never rushed us. She never kept track of hour many hours we spent on the phone. To her it was just part of her service. I always felt that she bent over backwards for us and never felt embarrassed to ask her anything even if I thought it was ridiculous. She’s an extraordinary woman and attorney,”– Robin

“Upon finding out that my mother had to be placed in a nursing home, and even though we had made all the protective arrangements for her estate at least ten years prior to this, the hospital social workers told us that the home would take EVERYTHING. Panic stricken I decided to consult an attorney. We scheduled an appointment with Joanne. As soon as we walked in she told us to calm down and that no one is going to take anything from you. She spoke to us for two hours went through all of our documents and explained to us in complete specific detail all the processes that had to be done. Her knowledge of elder law is really unsurpassed in my opinion. She left no stone unturned in preparing my mothers medicaid application and before she submitted it she made sure she had every piece of information necessary. The application went through without any issues what so ever. She also handled the closing of my mother’s life estate, which also went without issue. She is always totally prepared, kept us constantly informed, always returned our calls promptly and always had an answer to any question we asked. She truly knows the ins and outs of elder law. In my case the nursing home was not entitled to any of my mother’s estate, but had we not had Joanne I don’t know if that would have been the outcome. She is an excellent attorney. Thanks again Joanne.”– AnnMarie

“Joanne is a fabulous Eldercare Attorney. She helped me and my brother with my parent’s estate and helped us navigate the Community Medicaid maze. She is extremely knowledgeable, attentive to detail and compassionate. We will continue to use her for my parent’s legal affairs. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a highly competent Eldercare Attorney.”– Bonnie A.

Joanne Helped My Mom Carol St. Angelo with EVERYTHING IMAGINABLE After my Dads Passing
So Knowledgeable
So Professional
So Easy To Understand
So Patient
So Kind

Thank You Joanne Schlenk For All You’ve Done For My Mom And Our Family


Anna St.Angelo”– Anna S.

“Joanne handled my parents’ estate planning and eldercare management for many years
She treated them and myself as if we were her own family. She is a very caring person and she is committed to helping her clients in any way possible. Because of her, my mom and dad were able to transition to Medicaid. She assisted in the sale of their home. She returned our calls promptly and went out of her way to be thorough and precise. She is a thoughtful and compassionate person. She is highly skilled at the complicated financial dilemmas that come along with the care of the elderly. I consider her part of my family and would never go to anyone else for advice.”– Robin M.

“Working with Joanne was a wonderful experience. She is extremely knowledgeable and she pays close attention to detail. The best part with working with Joanne is her ability to connect with her clients. She is compassionate and truly cares about her clients. She is always accessible, even on one occasion she called me on a Sunday because she knew that was my only day off. We could never of gotten through without her. I would highly recommend her as an elder care lawyer.”– Thomas M.

“Mrs. McAvey has represented me and my mothers estate for the last 7 years. She has guided me through some very difficult times. She goes WAY BEYOND her responsibilities to help you get through the elder care estate planning process, which can be burdensome and complicated. She is also extremely emotionally supportive. If you are living with an elderly family member with advanced Alzheimers like I do, she understands the difficulty and the toll it takes on the caretaker. She has provided me so much emotional support and understanding that I truly believe I could not get through the process without her. If you are looking for an Elder Care Estate Planning Attorney, Mrs. McAvey is your “Go To”!”– Bob M.

“Joanne S. McAvey has helped our family through two generations of elder care planning. Highly recommended.”– R C.

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