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What Types Of Legal Matters Will A New York Elder Law Attorney Handle For Me?

Elder law is a multi-faceted practice, so an elder law attorney may offer a wide variety of legal services. Elder law attorneys may handle several sub-fields within elder law; Read More 

What Are Challenges Related To Adult Children And Elderly Parents When Planning For Later In Life?

The unique challenges of planning for later in a person’s life depends on the family structure. For instance, in families in which the parents are on their second marriages, who have two or more sets of children from previous marriages, there will be unique challenges to interacting and dividing assets when the time comes. Read More

When Is The Best Time To Meet With A Suffolk Or Nassau County Elder Law Attorney?

It is certainly better to undertake planning with a Suffolk or Nassau County elder law attorney long before you need acute medical and personal care assistance. You don’t want to start your planning as your health begins to decline and you feel less and less well. Of course, each person ages differently: some people are chronically ill at 60, and others are well at 90. Although, as a rule, you should be doing your estate planning once you retire, it is never too late or early to set up an estate and Medicaid plan, provided you have mental capacity. Read More

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